A establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. This is located in Sentul - Bogor, West Java.

  • Infrastructure Of Olympic Hotel

    Street Area
    The Street Where Asphalted Hotmixly With The Row Of 14 M Width And Trees On The Left And Right Sides, It Supports Mobilize Transportation Such As Container Truck Of 40 Feet On The Area And It Is Not A Public Street.

    Green Belt
    Planting Or Open Space Provided As Balancing To The Lot That Built.

    Telecommunications Lines
    Capacity 400 Lines With Jakarta Exchange Number

    Ready To Use Under Recommended Of PT. Bogorindo Cemerlang Supplied By PLN Its Capacity Is 18 MW, PT. Bogorindo Cemerlang Distributes A Standard Voltage Of 20 KV, Its Installed Underground Between Fence And Drainage Area.

    It Sets By Management Along The Right And Left Side Streets Area, Flow The Rain Water And House Water To The River.

    Public Illumination
    Every 50 M Distance, It Installed At Breadth Along The Street Area And Necessary Place.

    Large Pipes To Take Water To Prevent Fire Configuration, Installed Between Lot Fence And Drainage Area Spread At Every 200 Meters Along Side's Street Area.

    Deep Well Water
    Clean Water Is Obtained By Build Artesian Well, Its Reacheable Within 100 Meters Below To Ground Level, Has Been Survey By PT. Indeco Prima Requirements Conform With Department Of Health's Standards And The Analysis Test Result Of Sampling Water Is Can Be Drink And Use For Its Necessity Of Production Or Others.
  • Facilities Olympic Hotel

    Discover The City’s Landmarks And Its History, Along With Unique Luxury Service. Olympic Hotel is Endowed Many Rooms And Suites And An Array Of Gastronomic Restaurants And Shops, State-of-the-art Meeting Rooms, Lavish Ballrooms And A Traditional Spa. An Elegant Culinary Experience Or To Just Enjoy The Sophisticated And Stylish Room.

  • Site-Plan Detail

    Site Plan Olympic Hotel

    Created By Olympic Development
  • Location Of Hotel

    Sentul - Bogor, West Java